FPGA/DSP Designer and System engineer


Hello! My name is Alexander Kapitanov. This is my simple website where you can find something useful for you. Actually it is my portfolio and the place for my projects and publications. I hope you enjoy it!

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Alexander Kapitanov


01 January

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Moscow, Russia

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Moscow, Russia



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There is some information about me and my life. I am a FPGA/DSP designer and System developer. I'm working in ZAO "Instrumental systems" and making some open source projects now. I like my job. You can find my main skills and abilities below this section. My hobbies are Science and Technology, the Future, Music and Guitars, Astronomy, Sport and Bodybuilding, Traveling and Learning English, Cooking and Health, Photography etc.


Hardware/Software Design

ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification

Math & Digital signal processing (DSP)

RTL Simulation & Implementation

Altera Quartus

Vivado & Vivado HLS

MATLAB & Simulink

Xilinx ISE & Plan Ahead

Advanced VHDL / Verilog

P-CAD / Altium Designer

Schematic & PCB Design

Console & Qt

Static Timing Analysis

Hardware Testing

Xilinx / Altera

DAQ Interface Solutions

Github / SVN


Advanced English

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting


Ph.D., Radio engeneering (05.12.04)

MPEI, National Research University

Russia, Moscow

Jul 2013 - Jun 2017

Thesis: "FPGA Implementation and digital processing of Chaotic flows in Radar systems and Communications system".

Sep 2011 - Jun 2013

Thesis: "Digital processing, generating and FPGA implementation of the OFDM system in Telecommunication networks".

M.Tech., Radio engeneering (11.04.01)

MPEI, National Research University

Russia, Moscow

B.Tech., Radio engeneering (11.03.01)

MPEI, National Research University

Russia, Moscow

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011

Thesis: "FPGA Implementation of the fast Fourier transform (FFT) core for the digital receiver".


FPGA/DSP Designer and System developer

ZAO "Instrumental systems"

Moscow, Russia

Jan 2013 - until now

Senior engineer with over 3 years in ASIC / FPGA Desing and Verification, Schematic and PCB developing. Complex Math Analysis and Simulating, Console and QT apps Integration and Testing.